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About Us

RIDE ENGINEERING was founded on September 1st 2001 by Adrian Ciomo-President. Located in Costa Mesa California near the heart of the motorcycle industry, RIDE specializes in products that customize the motorcycle to optimize motorcycle performance while enhancing its appearance. All RIDE ENGINEERING motocross products have been thoroughly track tested by professional racers for performance and durability. By combining rider feedback with our engineering expertise, we produce the highest quality products available at a fair price and we do it all here in the U.S.A.. With your help demanding Ride Engineering products by name, we (Ride Engineering and our Customers) are indirectly supporting over half a dozen local manufacturing facilities, insuring jobs and strengthening the national economy. email:

Ride Engineering Building

Adrian Ciomo is a degreed mechanical engineer with a master's in marketing and a passion for motorcycles that he has had since his teens. He is still an avid motocross rider frequently testing Ride products for function and durability on pavement, off-road and motocross. Prior to starting RIDE, Adrian spent over four years as product manager for Yamaha's Accessory Division working closely with most of the Yamaha backed race teams in motocross, road race, freestyle and off-road. These experiences motivated him to form RIDE ENGINEERING, a company that brings factory inspired products to riders of all major brands. email:

Adrian Ciomo Adrian Ciomo


Brad Rippe is a degreed computer scientist with a master’s in computer science. When not tinkering with the ride-engineering web-site, Brad teaches college programming courses, publishes articles on Java technologies and is a consultant in C++, XML, XSLT, PHP and .NET framework. When time permits, he is a recreational motocross rider and avid mountain biker. email:

Brad Rippe Greg Miranda


Greg Miranda, Brandon Ward and Curt Allen are your dealer sales associates. Their duties include all functions relating to the sales and purchasing of Ride Engineering products by dealerships and accessory shops. Each has their own assigned territory and will check in periodically, depending on whatever schedule is best for you. But don't worry, any one of them can help you with your order on any given day. All three ride motocross or off-road every week and are well versed in all the features/benefits our of products. Their job is not to sell you parts but to work with you so that the parts you do buy from us will exceed your customer's expectations time and time again. By partnering with our stores, Ride Engineering's goal is to create a long term relationship so that we both can thrive for years to come. Greg & Brandon's email: Curt's email:

Brad Rippe Greg Miranda

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